Questlove is hip-hop's best known drummer. As a member of The Roots and collaborator with the likes of Pharrell, he has seen his share of important hip-hop history. Even before he was making beats that had us all grooving, Questlove was just a B-boy who was wearing adidas shelltoes, track pants, and graphic T-shirts on the first day of school in seventh grade, he recalled in a brief interview with The Cut.

"Seventh grade. Back in ’83, beat boys were rocking these button-up pants, like Starter pants for NBA players when they rip their pants off. But for some reason it was stylish," Questlove said. "It was like, maroon bell bottom-y [pants] that you snap up on the sides, and a pair of shell-top adidas that my mom would not allow me to wear in August."

Even though he was soon to be a famous musician, he had to keep his clothes on ice until the first day of school just like the rest of us. "She got them in July and I wasn’t allowed to touch them. [The first day of school] would have been the first time I was allowed to rock ’em," Questlove said.

So what was the statement piece of his outfit? A graffiti T-shirt. "That and a “Hip Hop You Don’t Stop” graffiti T-shirt. Yeah. I was a beat boy back then," Questlove said.

[via The Cut]