Just the other day, Pharrell hinted at a collaboration with Google Glasses. But, of course, being that he is Pharrell, things don't just end there. The producer will also launch his own fragrance, this according to Details

During an interview with the magazine, he confirmed that he's working on his scent. Well, it's unclear whether this was before or after the conversation, or what was exactly revelead, as Details only mentions it briefly in the article. "While Williams considers music 'the nucleus of everything,' the orbiting particles include fashion... and he's making plans to add perfumer, architect, and filmmaker to his résumé," writes the Details staff. Later: "He's at work on creating a fragrance..." 

Pharrell didn't add much, only describing what his process is like when working on a project. "I create based on what I feel like is missing," he told Details. "You jump in and follow your gut. It's like a sculpture—you're just adding on more clay, you're chiseling away and adding on until you feel like it's done, and you stand back and go, 'Oh! It's a person.'"

What will the fragrance smell like? Your guess is as good as ours, but we're willing to bet the bottle will (probably) look cool, if not anything else.  

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