Many years ago, Ivan Pavlov marked a milestone in psychology and discovered that dogs can be conditioned through repeated negative reinforcement. Today, two PhD candidates at MIT, Robert Morris and Dan McDuff, believe that social media users can be weaned away from Facebook in a similar way.

Their invention is the Pavlov Poke, a keyboard accessory that will surprise you with an electric shock every time you try to go onto Facebook. Of course, no one is forced to use the product, but if your will alone has not been enough to keep you away from social media, you may choose to put the product into play. Based on advanced programming that interprets your computer usage, you will be shocked for trying to slack instead of work.

Morris commented on society's social media dependence and said, "All too often, people assume they use a given technology because they want to and because it is in their best self-interest. Unfortunately, this assumption does not align with how these technologies are designed."

Learn more about Pavlov Poke below:

[via PSFK]