Where advertising meets performance art?

To promote their line of Free Flyknit shoes, Nike teamed up with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai to “knit” a giant shoe around a giant barefoot on a giant billboard in Shanghai. The point of this was that the shoes apparently feel like socks when you put them on, so Nike thought it would be a cool idea to make it look as if they were being knitted around the foot. There’s a time-lapse video that’s only a minute long of the process, but it looks like it took the three workers—head-to-toe in color-coordinated Nike gear—the better part of a day to finish this thing. 

This coincided with the product's release into the market earlier this month and took place on Nanjing East Road, which design blog PSFK called one of the “most heavily trafficked streets” in the city. 

Imagine if they actually knit the shoes on to your feet.

[via PSFK]

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