Models go to great lengths to stay thin or to drop a few pounds just to keep up with the fashion industry's often unrealistic image of beauty. Get this: Some pull out their own teeth just to make their faces appear slimmer, this according to Russian model Katia Elizarova

When asked about her experience modeling overseas, Elizarova told The Sunday Times that she knew "girls who were bulimic, who used cocaine to make their cheeks hollow" and even some who "pulled out their teeth to look thinner." Both shocking and alarming. And painful. 

But models haven't only pulled out their teeth to stay thin. Some have eaten tissue or cotton balls dipped in orange juice.

Out of curiosity, we did a quick Google search to see what we'd find about the link between removing teeth and a slim face. But all we came across were a bunch of inquiries from people who've had or will have their wisdom teeth extracted, which was no surprise. So how did something like this become a way to stay or look thin?

A few in the industry, including the CFDA and Vogue, have taken initiative to promote healthier body images. Earlier this year, Israel passed a law banning too-skinny models from runway shows, ad campaigns, and photo shoots. But are those enough?

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[via The Sunday Times]