Eddie Huang is once again dipping his foot into the apparel business. This isn't the first time he's designing gear (props if you remember Hoodman Clothing and a young Huang repping his brand on BET) and not the first time he's set to fuck the whole game up.

Today he’s better known as the guy with the "anti-food show food show," on Vice called Fresh of the Boat. Along with the return of the show for its second season, Huang is introducting a line he designed and dubbed Monica Monroe (a Google search will probably be NSWF), which he told us is inspired by vacation.

"Whether its vacation to Palm Springs, Vegas, Macau, etc. the line is always going to be lounge sets, tracksuits, and athletic sets," he told us. "Nothing is made for every day wear, it's purely for flexing on the Monica Monroes of the world aka The Biggest Bird in the World." 

These wildly patterned gear will drop at some point this fall, so get ready to be draped head-to-toe in gear that flosses on very advanced, very relaxed levels no matter where you're lounging in the world.