If you mention Ed Hardy's name, it's instantly associated with awful, tacky dressers, and trends that induce projectile vomiting. But if you talk to people in the tattoo world, Ed Hardy is known as a tattoo legend who struck it rich—big time—by having his name splashed across wack clothes. Unfortunately, mainstream America will forever emphasize the former and place the artist with clothes that found themselves onto the backs of Jersey Shore cast members, and faux-celebrities like Jon Gosselin from the television show John & Kate Plus 8.

To set the record straight, and air out other grievances, Hardy wrote a book, Wear Your Dreams: My Life in Tattoos. In it, he explains how Christian Audigier, the fashion designer who licensed Hardy's tattoo art, is a douchebag. The book explains how, even though sales ballooned up to $700m in 2009, the brand was dropped by Macy's because people such as Gosselin wore it in public so often. This prompted Hardy to say, "Morons dehumanized it," in reference to his brand, and thought Audigier's insistence that trashy celebrities wear the brand brought disgrace to his once-reputable name as an artist.

"People began globally to know my images, my name and my signature, but they didn't know there was a real person behind it," Hardy said to CNN.

Hardy also claims that Audigier altered the artist's designs, but what would you expect from the same guy who made Von Dutch trucker hats a thing? Hopefully, Hardy can slowly seperate himself from the designer as the years go on.

[via CNN]