Before you could even wish upon a magic star, twerking has entered the universe of some of culture’s most treasured characters. It seemed like just last week that Miley was shaking her shit on stage at the VMAs, but T-shirt designers Look Humans have already jumped on the twerk train, re-mixing Disney Princesses as twerking queens. For their series, "Twerk Shop," everyone from Mulan to Jasmine knows how to get down.

What does this mash-up mean for culture? Is Miley the same as a modern-day princess, or is the princess archetype irrelevant? Should princesses all be twerking? What is the decorum of the court when it comes to twerking? How does a gentleman approach a lady at a ball when she is twerking? Can a fairy twerk in midair? We don't know all the answers to these questions, but we sure do love these booty poppin' ladies.

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[via Design Taxi]