For 40 years now, Patagonia has been creating gear that stands up to whatever nature throws its way without losing the playful aesthetic the brand first brought to the outdoors world. After all, what would be the point of getting outside if you're not going to have any fun? In celebration of the anniversary, Patagonia's team of designers dug deep into their archives to uncover some of the first items the label ever created. What they found harked back to an era when founder Yvon Chouinard and his buds were creating clothes in which they could climb pristine mountains, surf empty beaches, and travel the world.

The resulting 10-piece Patagonia Legacy collection offers classic pieces from the label's first, formative years, but updated with the modern fabrics and silhouettes that would make outdoorsmen of yore green with envy. The bulk of the designs may have resulted in spontaneous reactions to the harsh elements, but no detail has been overlooked in the updates that are available now. But don't worry—the gear may be seriously well-equipped, but the essential component of fun is still at the center of this capsule collection. Patagonia should already be a vital part of your wardrobe, but the latest in our Cut and Show series will remind you why the label's philosophy should be a part of your everyday perspective.