This season we've seen the urban mountaineer look catch on. Brands are digging through old magazines to catch inspiration off what the outdoor-set wore while they traversed mountains, camped in the middle of nowhere, and had a beer or two. As all of this archival research is going on, Patagonia continues to do its thing, like it has been for the past 40 years.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the California-based company has launched its "Legacy Collection," which looks back into the brand's vaults and digs out down jackets, fleece vests, multi-paneled rock-climbing pants, and element-repelling outerwear that helped propel Patagonia to the status it revels in today.

And there's no better way to test out its fall/winter 2013 collection than take it on a wavy trip through the West Coast wilderness. The brand, along with photographer Foster Huntington, hit the road to go fishing, relax by the campfire, and eat a few rustic tacos. If you're looking for legitimate gear to beat whatever Mother Nature hurls at you, or you just want to look as cool as chilled-out dudes in Colorado, try out some of Patagonia's heritage gear—but don't blame us if anyone asks you if you can tie a multitude of knots. Expect the collection to roll out this September.

Also check out Complex TV's Cut & Show episode on the Legacy Collection below.