A few months back, word came out that Rihanna was attempting to slap U.K. retailer Topshop with a $5 million lawsuit for producing a tank top in 2012 that featured and unauthorized image of her face. Then, the singer posted a subliminal Instagram that lead us to believe maybe she was rethinking her lawsuit.

Well, the judge has spoken, and Rihanna has won her case against the retailer, reports Telegraph. According to the ruling, the judge stated that fans would not have been able to differentiate if this was something that Rihanna had approved or not, or if it was an official connection with her personal brand.

As of now, Topshop is disappointed by the ruling, as any retailer would be and said, "We feel that the fact that Rihanna has shopped, worn and had a relationship with Topshop for several years appears to have been detrimental to our case."

The judge didn't rule how much money Topshop would have to cough up to the singer, so it could be interesting to see how much RiRi will be awarded.

[via Telegraph]