The Marina Abramovic Institutein collaboration with The Atlas Review, hosted an eight-hour reading of the 1961 sci-fi novel Solaris to build awareness for their new Kickstarter to fund renovations for their future Rem Koolhaas-designed headquarters. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lady Gaga submitted a video in support of the project fifteen minutes before the start of the event. The artists have been spending time together and are working on Gaga's ARTPOP together, so Abramovic obviously knew about the video, but some of the event organizers apparently didn't get the memo and were surprised by the inclusion. After Gaga read the first chapter and Abramovic addressed the crowd via Skype, a team of readers wearing white lab coats recited the rest of the Stanisław Lem novel to a crowd of 50 blind-folded writers and artists.

There are 20 days left for the institute to reach its goals via Kickstarter, so read up on the prizes and get involved today.

[via WallStreetJournal]

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