Styles from the ‘90s are making a comeback. From Drake’s Tommy Hilfiger jacket to Dada short suit, vintage styles are having a moment. Even if they weren’t vintage pieces dug up from eBay or a thrift store, you would be hard-pressed to find any of today’s fashion that is not influenced from the nineties.

If you needed further proof that ‘90s fashions are coming back, like most people who need answers, just turn to Google. According to the search engine’s shopping blog, there is a spike in numbers for search results relating to fashions from the shiny suit era. Search results for grunge clothing is up by 80% in July compared to last year. Also, your eyes are not lying to you, everyone is wearing a bucket hat, and the search engine confirms that the Gilligan-approved style caught fire since last year. Search results for bucket hats climbed 120% since last year.

The interest in these throwback styles is not by accident. Google reports that plenty of marketing and better reach through various social media platforms is helping to spread these trends. Compare that to the past where print and dial-up connections made it harder to reach a global audience.

Also you can credit hip-hop artists for bringing these trends back to life. From the previously mentioned Drake styles, to Pharrell and Jay Z wearing Timberlands, and even A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky bringing back circular shades. This is what’s hot right now. The numbers don’t lie. Just check the results and tell us what you think.

  • [Overalls] queries increased by more than 180%  
  • [Round Sunglasses] queries increased by more than 100% 
  • [Jelly Sandals] queries increased by more than 180% 
  • [Zubaz Pants] queries increased by more than 150% 

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