A new sculptural installation at the Tate Modern in London features a set of stairs that can take on an infinite number of shapes. London-based dRMM Architects have created the outdoor wooden installation titled Endless Stair. The work will be displayed during the London Design Festival on the lawn of the museum September 13 to October 10, 2013.

The hardwood piece includes a total of 187 steps, divided into separate sets of stairs that can be put together in different configurations. The never-ending ascent allows visitors to explore climbing in aimless directions.

Director of dRMM, Alex de Rijke described the project. "Endless Stair is a temporary sculpture designed to be endlessly reconfigured," he said. "The program of modern art and architecture, combined with the Thames panorama of London, provides a context to which dRMM’s Escher-inspired installation can make a distinctive contribution."

[via PSFK]