Staying humble after reaching so astronomical levels of success is a tough for anyone to handle. We would imagine being labeled a “wunderkind designer” would inflate someone’s ego, but for Alexander Wang, that is not the case.  After all his accomplishments, the designer remains down to earth.

In a new interview with Dazed & Confused, it is revealed that things haven’t changed much. He drinks out of bottled water instead of a “tiny thimble-like glass.” While some may drop their friends at the drop of a hat to follow fame and fortune, his circle still remains tight knit. “My closest friends are the ones I went to high school or college with – they’re still the same people that I surround myself with and it’s important to have that honesty. They will tell me something when I need them to tell me something. That’s how it is. It’s maybe not as glamorous as some people might want it to be,” he adds.

Everyone might wear suits around him at his new Balenciaga gig, but Wang still wears his trademark everyday outfit consisting tailored shorts, all-black Chuck Taylors and a black t-shirt. But don’t think that is what he will be bringing to the table. Wang wants to take it back to the ideas of its founder, Cristóbal Balenciaga. This is the idea of “the body’s interaction with clothes: the garment, the movement.” The reviews for his first Balenciaga collection have been good, and that should already let you know A. Wang got his new job on lock.  For more on the article, visit the Business of Fashion website.

[via BoF]