Ralph Lauren is the greatest menswear designer of all time. He's also swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck. Lauren has gone from simply designing a wider tie (that sold like hotcakes), to being at the helm of a menswear and fashion empire that makes its patrons believe in an aspirational lifestyle of seersucker and mint juleps on weekends where they waltz around their Hamptons home—a certified Gatsby-esque lifestyle.

To further cement this image in our minds, or just stunt because it's summertime, Lauren has graced the cover of Hamptons Magazine; a publication dedicated to covering an unobtainable lifestyle for most Americans—even if they purchase Polo shirts at Marshalls for way below retail.

And Ralphy Lifshitz is looking crispy as ever. He's standing in a backyard, in front of an infinity-edge pool, overlooking the waterfront—wearing a double-breasted linen suit, sans footwear.

If opulence has a definitive image, this is it. But, unlike waiting for an exclusive invite to a seaside mansion, you can experience Lauren's view of the American Dream from the publication's print.

[via Ralph Lauren]