Portuguese studio Balonas and Menano Architects have created the "Praca de Lisboa" in Porto, Portugal. The project was completed as an effort to improve an area in decline in the middle of Porto and creates a space for community and livelihood.

The structure includes three levels, with its top-most level consisting of a green roof planted with olive trees referencing the "Porta do Olival," which was once a gateway into the city. The middle level is dedicated to commercial use, and links to the surrounding Lello Bookstore and Clerigos Tower for easy access. The ground level provides room for a refined parking lot and pedestrian spaces, as the path runs through the building to create an open area between the split structure. Concrete structures also form an interesting facade and skylight, creating geometric arrays that appropriately match the general structure of the complex. While its original site of construction may have lacked a vibrant atmosphere, the project is sure to attract crowds to revive the area.

[via Designboom]