Hopefully, people read up on everything you need to know about the Kanye West x APC collaboration we put together, and everyone knows that APC stores will have a large stock of every item, as well as additional deliveries on their way. Also, you can still "pre-order" every single item on the APC webshop. All this means that if you weren't able to get your hands on the initial drop, there's no need to rush over to eBay and hand your hard-earned guap over to scheming dudes who copped only to profit from overeager hypebeasts. 

Still, that hasn't stopped these profiteers to mark up prices on the gear from collaboration by a ridiculous amount. Like any classic situation with a limited supply and a huge demand, there is the chance that some sucker is going to pay waayyy above market price just to ensure that they can stunt like Kanye. Unless you want to overpay for your gear like ItsLavishBitch, then stay away from eBay for now. These are the 10 Most Expensive Examples of People Massively Overcharging for the Kanye x APC Collab on eBay.

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