A while back, we got word that Wil Fry and Ian Connor would finally release the shorts set they had been working on, featuring an all-over print of Connor's mug. Yesterday, the collection finally released at VFiles. To coincide with the release, a short video has dropped where Connor explains why working with Wil Fry was the optimal situation.

"People have always asked like, 'Yo, I want to put your face on a shirt.' I always declined because I didn't want to jump out there with a T-shirt or a hoodie aesthetic," Connor told VFiles. "I wanted to do something that was cool, which was an all-over [print] mesh jersey."

Watch the video above to find out Connor's thoughts on why people love his "ugly" face so much; it's the best minute-long video you'll watch today. While you're at it, you can also still pick up the pieces from VFiles, here.

 [via VFiles]