Genius is a very strong, and mostly unheralded term, to apply to someone's ability in their respective field, but it totally fits for Engineered Garment's Daiki Suzuki. Suzuki's design's are at the forefront of menswear, and its all done with an effortless attention to detail.

To show how his ideas flow naturally into next-level garments, a short video was shot of Suzuki in which he goes through his design process: the slight adding and removing of elements to piece until he's created everyone's expecation of "jawnz."

Then, Suzuki casually takes a trip to the beach and surfs. Which is a fitting cap to a day in the office. But before everything is done, there's text that departs this knowledge: "It is these clothes that I want to make, clothes that you love wearing and become yours through the experience you have with them," as the xylophone of the film's jazz soundtrack fades out a single Western shirt blows in the wind. Poetic, right?

[via Vimeo]