Boston is an old city. The citizens have an odd accent, a fever-pitch obsession with sports, and an awesome selection of stores to shop at. While everyone is focusing on New York City as the pinnacle of Northeast style, Boston is casually boasting some of the best shops in the region.

And, surprise, it's not just preppy shops that are raised to outfit trust fund kids who attend Harvard, either. Although there are great spots to get a suit and tie, a trip around Beantown lends itself to picking up the coolest Japanese brands, hard-to-find streetwear, and skate brands that assure you don't appear like you shop at the mall.

An expert shopper can stay in New England and accrue all the wears to complete their look, from the oxfords and American-made goods you'll find at Ball and Buck to the crazy sneaker collaborations you'll seek out at Concepts. Take a trip from the Back Bay and Allston to Somerville and Cambridge, here are The Coolest Men's Stores in Boston Right Now.

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