The white T-shirt has been a summertime staple for hip-hop heads once the temperature moves north of 60 degrees, or anytime they wanted to feel brand new. In 2004, Dem Franchize Boyz and their single "White Tee" brought attention to the crispiest of shirt options. Except, this time, the shirts were extra-long and were an early attempt at playing with proportion.

Although a tall tee has become a cardinal sin amongst rappers today, high fashion has adopted an aesthetic that allows for layering of shirts of multiple lengths—often putting the brand's patrons in garments that resemble a dress. In the 2013 music for Fabolous' single "Ready," Chris Brown sported a sleeveless long shirt from Givenchy. With the rise of the street goth trend, we can expect to see a different take one the once-disposable necessity; turning a five-dollar trend into a luxury lifestyle.

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