Style may be cyclical, but nostalgia is powerful too. Certain '90s trends come back not just because of what's on the runways, but also because kids always look towards the past for fashionable inspiration. It takes a good 10 to 15 years for something to come in and out of style, and the early 2000s are rife with wild looks for today's stylish folks to tap into.

Back then, rappers wore pink, bucket hats, and had diamonds in their grill. Although some of the songs and artists are gladly forgotten, their gear lives on. Today's rappers, streetwear brands, and even menswear designers have adopted the swagger that 2000s hip-hop presented through a unique lens.

Guys like Cam'ron, Eminem, and MF Doom have left a legacy of not just music, but style, too. Today's trendsetters aren't just reaching into their closets and pulling out their clothes from middle school, they're reinterpreting style from 10 years ago while giving a respectful tip of their hat to the pioneers. We've compiled the looks we feel are best represented in today's style world. Here's How 2000s Hip-Hop Influenced Today's Style Trends.

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