Without jeopardizing the comfort of a sofa, renowned French designer Philippe Starck has created "My World," a furniture unit that meets the technological needs of the modern couch potato. As an increasing amount of time spent on a sofa involves the use of an electronic device—mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers—we are often faced with the problems of an inconvenient distance to a power outlet and tangled cords. Manufactured by Italian furniture company Cassina, the sofa, which comes in individual units and as a complete set, includes hidden built-in power outlets and a Powermat for incognito charging. While lounging in "My World," you never have to worry about running out of battery on any device, and you're always connected.

Starck says, "MyWorld is a cocoon, a nest, a world where we can be egocentric and comfortably commune with our own shadow or collect some snatches of news from the world, that is said to be real."

[via PSFK]

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