Miguel Leg Drops Someone in the Audience at the Billboard Music Awards

Date: May 19

R&B singer Miguel had a minor miscalculation during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards this month. Hyped from the energy of the crowd, he attempted to jump from one stage to another, over the heads of a couple dozen fans. As he began his descent, Miguel kicked one woman in the face and landed on the other's head, pinning her between his leg and the stage. Miguel finished his song and later appeared in an interview backstage with girl he Hulk Hogan-ed, but the other girl was nowhere to be found, and the damage was done as far as the Internet was concerned. People began Photoshopping Miguel into wrestling scenes, video game screenshots, and other scenarios more suitable for that kind of brutality. Recently, we learned that Miguel may be facing charges for unintentionally drop-kicking these women on television. Needless to say, singers will probably keep their feet firmly planted on the ground from now on.

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