With the rising prominence of electronic readers and tablets, hard copy books are not as popular as they were before the digital age. In order to continue the circulation of paper volumes throughout our society, Stereotank has created the "Little Free Library", placed at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan. The installation brings a public book exchange project to the community and city, based on one simple rule of "Take a book, Return a book."

The Nolita location, planned to stay in service until September of this year, consists of a re-purposed plastic yellow tank supported by a wooden frame, and acts as a simple circular shelf for books to be browsed and donated. The Architectural League of New York, working with Pen World Voices Festival and Little Free Library, Ltd., selected ten designers, including Stereotank, to create locations throughout downtown Manhattan as a larger effort to promote literacy in the city.

[via MyModernMet]