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As you've probably gathered from his music, shows, and interviews, Kanye West is generally a minimalist with an eye for style. That much is also evident in the rapper's New York apartmentor at least what we think we've seen of it. With a little help from Kim Kardashian's Instagram, we've realized that many of these pics are probably of Kanye's crib, designed by Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin. Consisting of nothing but bare windows, white walls, and beige tiles, Yeezus' airy apartment beams with all of the lights (and what looks like a projector, too). It also boasts a massive statue of an angel. Fingers crossed the couple will throw the baby shower there, too (you know, so we can get more of Kim's Instas of the place).

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A Tour of Kanye West's House With Kim Kardashian's Instagram