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Lately, Dwyane Wade's personal style has been about as hit-or-miss as his play on the court. But overall, the Miami Heat star and NBA champion has committed himself to a sartorial journey that has had experimental bumps along the road. While it would be great to think that Wade had inspired himself to start dressing in such a dandy-like manner, the truth is, like many other NBA players—there's a daring stylist in his corner.

For Wade, it's Calyann Barnett who reached out to the shooting guard on why he should switch up his threads. And ironically, it all stemmed from when Wade was going to play against LeBron James who then was still a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. MTV Style contacted Barnett and discussed what it was like to transform a player into a run-of-the-mill dresser to the talk of pre-and-post-game game fashion sightings.

"The first time was actually Christmas five or six years ago. They were going to play LeBron for a Christmas Day game. I had met him earlier that year and had tried to convince him that he needed a stylist." Barnett told the website.

And since then, Barnett has convinced Wade to partake in the complete fashion experience.  "He's gone to Milan Fashion Week. He's gone to Paris Fashion Week. He's seen what's on the runways." Barnett said, "Now, although this may not be what people are used to in the states, he wants to try it."

But Barnett doesn't just see players' style as something superficial, she actually believes it aides their on-court performance. "I don't think that if you win or lose, it should change how you dress, and I honestly think that the better you dress that day, the more likely you are to win." The stylist concluded.

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