Chuck Grant

When I joined Tumblr: January 2011

How I believe Tumblr has helped my career: Tumblr provides viral marketing for your work. The only problem is that sometimes your photographs get reappropriated to the nth degree. When posting an image on Tumblr, you’re offering something you cherish to a disposable forum. It’s the sacrifice you make in order to get your work out there. I use my Tumblr as a kind of visual diary; one that showcases my work but also talks about my process in a more intimate, relatable, or conversational way. I have been contacted for jobs through Tumblr and have had art directors recognize or make Tumblr connections to seminal photographs in my portfolio.

My advice for artists on Tumblr: Most people I follow on Tumblr curate their pages carefully for a specific, coherent, or polished look. Oftentimes, Tumblrs act as a scrolling mood board; there are some photos that are definitely more Tumblr friendly than others. I find that "aspirational" photos do well on Tumblr, as well as photos with softer palettes (think Camilla Akrans). I know that I’m catering to a demographic that’s interested in a look that isn’t necessarily my aesthetic, so I try to balance my Tumblr between imagery I’ve made that I love and imagery that will draw people into my work. Because so many people use Tumblr, it’s important to develop a distinctive visual perspective that stands out. Posting on the regular is big, too, so find a theme/project/vision you’re passionate about, no matter how many followers it may garner.

My most reblogged post: This one has over 38,989 notes.