This feature is a part of Complex's "Tumblr Generation" Week.

Tumblr has changed the course of art, design, and creativity in ways no one could have ever imagined. Using Tumblr as a platform, artists are able to showcase their work to a global audience without needing to leave their laptop screen (or be represented by a museum or gallery), and frankly, it's revolutionary. The truth is, if your work is good enough, and you put it out there, someone will notice. 

Many artists and designers have been fortunate enough to get public affirmation for their work beyond reblogging; they've gotten book deals and jobs. While this may have seemed crazy even five years ago, today it's standard, and the artists in this feature would know best. Whether photographers, GIF-makers, coloring book illustrators, or diagram makers, these creatives know how to use Tumblr in both personal and professional capacities. 

Learn from them in our latest installment, How to Make It: 15 Rules For Success From Artists On Tumblr, and afterward, check out the interview of and exclusive video by Joe Hamilton, our cover subject.

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