When we put James Franco and Seth Rogen on the cover of our latest issue, it fueled our impatience for their film This Is The End, which comes out today. The film pits the two against some apocalyptic odds—and then some. That in turn got us thinking about how we'd survive the slow but sure destruction of everything that we hold dear—and more importantly, what we'd wear. After all, just because society has crumbled and Earth is a decaying wasteland doesn't mean you still shouldn't look good.

In the event of a massive catastrophe, it helps if your gear is as indomitable as your will to survive. Whether the planet is consumed by flames, freezes over for another Ice Age, or humanity is reduced to a bunch of roving tribes of bandit overlords and/or zombie cyborgs, we have you covered. Be ready for anything, here's What to Wear to Survive the Apocalypse.

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