In a media landscape of breaking news, viral content, and enough cat pictures to put you in a K-hole for the rest of your life, it's easy to miss the details. And when it comes to men's style, details matter the most. From the fit of a garment to how it's worn, it's tough to nail that razor-thin line between "boring" and "trying too hard." Thanks to social platforms like Tumblr, men's style is now being viewed in a whole new context. Increased exposure and a broadened audience have opened up new worlds for menswear, and the media is one of them.

There are the well-dressed editors who now compete with bloggers for coveted front-row seats at fashion shows. Then there are the old-media types like anchors and columnists who have known the value of looking good in a suit for ages. For this particular list, we defined "media" as the type of entity that covers news or focuses on a small niche, like fashion, and approaches it from an editorial perspective. So independent bloggers are fair game, but entertainers like Jimmy Fallon were counted out. 

Also, this list is mostly about the suuuper subjective topic of "style," meaning how each guy wears his clothes, rather than the width and breadth of his work in media. True, in the wake of a zombie apocalypse or national disaster, many of these guys won't be the media types who'll be breaking news stories that might save lives, but that doesn't mean these men should command any less respect. After all, there's a really good chance they dress better than you. With that in mind, here's our list of The 50 Most Stylish Men in Media.

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