Written by Nicolas Lazaro (@nickelcobalt) and Winslow Laroche (@winslowlaroche), editors of The Bengal Stripe.

As last night's Oscars reminded us, the greatest movie stars of history have always had distinguishing traits that separate them from the rest of the pack. This list puts together actors whose personal style has been above and beyond the industry standard at any point in their career, as well as those who have helped to influence trends in the fashion of their era.

Once again, being that we're not anthropologists and the extent of our research in this matter could be equated to a semester of film studies at a liberal arts college, this list was curated on our own terms. Focusing on actors who significantly influenced us in our personal lives, as well as actors whose films or personal style helped play a part in the fashion world as we know it today.

As objectively as we could, here are The 50 Most Stylish Actors of All Time, ranked in an order based on their cultural influence and the general aesthetics that help them transcend style as we know it.

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