Diego Murillo is a name you'll become familiar with over the next couple months. The former 40oz NYC affiliate struck out on his own and launched a new brand he calls 1986. To prepare for the release of the debut collection, the Brooklyn raised Murillo took to the streets of California to showcase his new designs. Models Christina Santini and Sean Lyles rock the latest tees and tanks featuring the brand’s signature “Out Here” Chrome Hearts-inspired design. The accompanying video was shot with a voyeuristic approach to get a closer look at the new line.

The release date is set for June 10 and follows the same structure as past 40oz NYC releases. But instead of the product being live for 24 hours, 1986 is giving you 86 hours to get familiar with its name and product. Keep your eye on the 1986 website for the drop. 

1986 // "Out Here" 061013 from William Azcona on Vimeo.