Tupac's soul cannot rest. He was displayed via hologram on last year's Coachella stage, and a former groupie rockstar's ex-wife put his fedora up for auction. Tupac is also still relevant thanks to fashion billionaire Tory Burch. We already knew that everyone loved Pac's heart-felt rhymes, but somehow, the shoe designer for New York women of the Upper East Side didn't get lumped into that over-assuming category. But now, Burch has professed her admiration for Shakur's timeless jams—half-heartedly.

In a revealing Twitter moment, Burch tweeted, "I wish I had met Tupac! I couldn't love his music more!! He was brilliant. #beautiful listening to In the Air." This surely caught ballet slipper-clad women off guard.

But, the designer cleared things up with Elle: "I don’t like all of his songs, of course," Burch told the publication.

[via Elle]