Palm trees, warm weather, beautiful women, and laid-back style are all synonymous with Los Angeles. Everyone in L.A. seems to take things a little easier, not stress every detail, not try so hard to seem cool. Around the early '90s, a stereotype about the West Coast went mainstream, and the city developed a rep for its popping G-funk and gangsta rap scene. The West Coast rapper caricature was born, and Dickies, Chuck Taylors, bandannas, and low-riders were the defining details.

It's a shame that L.A. got pigeon-holed like that since it's not an accurate portrayal of rap style in Southern California. L.A. rappers pride themselves on diversity (just like the ones in NYC) not only by innovating various flows and cadences, but having a varied and creative sense of style as well.

When Murs rapped, "Every single trend you can probably thank L.A. for it," critics may have rolled their eyes. But in today's hip-hop and streetwear environment, the city's love for tie-dye shirts, bucket hats, and everything laid back is spreading beyond the left side of the map. You can thank rappers like Dom Kennedy, Schoolboy Q, Casey Veggies, and Kendrick Lamar for many of the summer's biggest style trends—and take some cues while you're at it. Here are The Most Stylish L.A. Rappers Right Now.

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