In the sleepy beach town of Coledale (population: 963), New South Wales, Australia, artist Lizzie Buckmaster Dove has spent the past four years collecting stones on her daily beach walks. Among her collection, Dove most frequently discovered a certain stone with light blue paint on it, later discovering that the stones were remnants of a pool slowly becoming consumed by the ocean.

Dove's pieces are part of a larger "Pool, The Alchemy of Blue" series. Largely a study of time and impermanence, the project mirrors the moon's ability to affect the tides and the power of the lunar cycle. Using her collected stones from swimming pool concrete, Dove has created a series of installations now on display at NG Art Gallery, as well as other various natural locations in the town of Coledale. 

For a more intimate look at Dove's insipiration and process, check out this short video by Theme Media.

[via Ignant]