Since making his comeback, Justin Timberlake has worn Tom Ford suits to just about all his appearances. That is, except to the Inside Llewelyn Davis premiere at Cannes last week. The Hollywood Reporter just revealed that JT walked the red carpet in a a black suit by Balenciaga, after Tom Ford's people issued a statement that said the singer would in fact wear the designer's tux to the movie premiere. Timberlake's rep said the singer never confirmed designers, this according to Hollywood Reporter.

These kinds of mix-ups don't happen often, but they aren't uncommon either. Anne Hathaway's done it. Even worse, Louis Vuitton took credit for the Gucci suit Brad Pitt wore to promote his movie, Killing Them Softly, at Cannes last year.

Still, it's hard to imagine that JT will stop wearing Tom Ford, or that Tom Ford will stop making suits for the singer. After all, the guy's got an upcoming tour with Jay-Z, and he will need to rock that suit and tie look.

[via Hollywood Reporter]