You might know New Hampshire-born artist George Condo from his work with Kanye West on the artwork for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Condo's done it again, releasing an old-meets-new series of paintings and sculptures for Sprüth Magers in Berlin, Germany. This particular series strays from his usually dark, humorous, and distorted portraits; however, it still remains as contemplative and powerful as his past works. 

It seems that in his paintings, Condo includes many styles popularized by artists like Picasso, Pollock, de Kooning, and Matisse, to name a few. Condo is particularly good at blending these powerful styles into a cohesive collection of strange yet striking and unique works. His sculptures in the series borrow profiles and images from his paintings in the show, also appearing to critique and expand on the styles and artists of the past through abstraction. Check out "Paintings & Sculpture" from now until June 22.

[via Arrestedmotion]