We hear stories about how buying from first-world factories is always a better option, but many don't allude to actual issues besides supposed "quality" and supporting your own economy. But tragedies at third-world garments factories make us wonder how bad the working conditions at these places really are. Last year, a factory fire in Bangladesh killed more than 100 people. Now, the most recent atrocity to face the fashion industry is the collapse of a factory in the same country, and more than 300 people are dead, The New York Times reports.

The factory, which is said to make clothes for J.C. Penney and British retailer Primark, collapsed as more than 3,000 employees were churning out garments. As of now, two of the factory owners have turned themselves into authorities, as thousand of garment factory employees caused mayhem through Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka.

Does this cause you to only purchase from trustworthy brands from now on? Or does the sweet, low price justify the potential conditions? 

[via The New York Times]