Are your moccasins hand made with an embroidered detail? No? Then what's the point of even owning moccasins? I watched Last of The Mohicans way too many times growing up, so I have an extensive collection of shitty moccasins that you buy at those truck stop/gift shop/restaurant type places on vacation. And none of them are handmade and only, like, two of them are even embroidered. Pro-tip: Instead of buying poorly made moccasins at truck stops, just buy the gallon sized soda and one of those magnets with your name on it. Or, if you’re totally hilarious, a magnet with someone else’s name because LOL MY NAME'S NOT HARRY, IT'S JON LOL GET IT? If you want a legit pair of mocs, get these Yuketens because they are so Japanese they are American and so American that they are Native American.