Street-style style is everywhere. Take a stroll through New York City and you'll see the droves of passers-by that strut their flyest gear with the hopes of catching 15 minutes of Tumblr fame. While most of us have moved on to higher end or better made clothes (or said fuck it all together), a lot of street style champs caught their first whiff of the game from—more commonly known as the home for teenagers who want to floss their latest American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, or occasional thrift store purchases.

Now, the wanted-to-be-photographed bug has taken a new turn into a full-length soap entitled, LOOKBOOK: The Series. Produced by the style site, the show follows a Los Angeles transplant who runs into a street style photographers and then gets sucked into the life of posed photo shoots. If this sounds like your thing, watch the first episode here.

[via Lookbook]