Mike Perry

Clients: AOL, Aldo, American Cancer Society, American Eagle Outfitters, Apple Computers, EMI France, ESPN, Element EU, Kenneth Cole, MTV, Mac Cosmetics, Microsoft, Milk Studios, Nike, Playstation, Starbucks, Target, The Ace Hotel, The Standard Hotel, Ubiquity Records, Uniqlo, Yale University Art Gallery, Zoo York, and more

Rule: Get your hands dirty. Don't steal. Chill out.

"1. Get your hands dirty: This is where the fun happens. Physically making something allows for the unexpected. Get off the computer and see what happens when your brain talks to your hand, and your hand moves in real time.

2. Don't steal: I cannot believe how many times I have heard about or seen art directors copy others work over the years. I once went to a meeting and walked past a designer with two monitors. On one monitor was a piece by a friend of mine. On the other was a Photoshop file that the young designer was diligently trying to copy. This is so wrong. I could write an entire article about the reality of "borrowed ownership." I just want people who say they are creative to be creative.

3. Chill out: It's really exciting that we are Art Directors, but really, we are not saving lives. I think everyone should believe in what they do, but you don't need to pretend that you are the coolest motherfucker in the world because you have art directed some magazine that no one has ever heard of."

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