Today there are so damn many brands to choose from, and trends move in and out of fashion so fast that it's hard to latch onto one and say "you're mine forever." It's even harder when you think back on the days when you were really starting to explore your style and brand recognition was the make or break. But what do you do when those brands aren't sticking to what made them stylish to you? Or worse; they don't exist anymore?

We've seen many brands die young (R.I.P. Rugby) and we've seen some just fall off the stylish wagon. Whatever the case may be, we yearn to have some of them back in our lives (and on our backs.) And, who knows? Maybe they just need a little encouragement? Here's to hoping they get the hint so we don't have to keep looking for vintage gear; 10 Clothing Brands That Need to Make a Comeback.

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