When: June 2004 - Today

Dov Charney's sexual exploits with his employees and models are so commonplace that they've become a bad joke. He reportedly masturbates while conducting business meetings with females, sexually preys on his employees, makes models sign insanely confusing contracts that would derail any attempts to sue him, is blatantly racist, and has faced several lawsuits from individuals and groups of women who claim sexual abuse and harassment from the CEO of American Apparel. He definitely embodies the sleazy version of ratchet.

An incomplete timeline of Charney's sexual and moral deviancy is recorded here. From the women and employees who he's come across, Dov has been described as "a monster," and his law team has been able to deflect away any lawsuits from doing serious damage. And the creator of the modern-day hipster continues to sit atop an empire of tube socks and hoodies.