Justin Timberlake's style makeover may be one of the most talked about, and for good reason: he looks great. By now, it's old news that designer Tom Ford has outfitted Timberlake for his 20/20 Experience album, but did you know where the style inspiration came from?

The New York Times recently reached out to some folks involved in the singer's new look, and whom were able to lend where the sudden sartorial switch came from. “To say ‘Frank Sinatra’ is wrong," Ford told the publication, “But Justin was identifying with a sort of young, Rat Pack fantasy in some way, and that is a terrific look for him.”

Timberlake's style did not only get compared to Sinatra's but another dapper man of the same era—Cary Grant." Said Joe Zee, creative director of Elle.

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[via The New York Times]