Written by James Harris (@Dr_TacoMD) and Jian DeLeon (@JianDeLeon)

Since the early days of rock 'n roll, certain dudes have stood out as more than just musicians. Their attitude, their look, and their actions have gone beyond their music and granted them rock star status. So what's the common denominator in all certified rock stars? To be one, you have to be cool. And usually, but not necessarily always, coolness and style go hand-in-hand. 

From humble beginnings, rock music has transcended the musical realm to influence and innovate the world of style. Whether it was breaking down style barriers with obscene outfits, or harking back to trends of bygone eras, rock stars have all taught us a thing or two about staying steezy (and destroying hotel rooms). You may not know it, but your personal style may have been influenced by these guys. From OG's like Chuck Berry and Mick to young guns like Ezra Koenig and Jack White, these are The 50 Most Stylish Rock Stars of All Time.

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