Written by Nicolas Lazaro (@nickelcobalt) and Winslow Laroche (@winslowlaroche), editors of The Bengal Stripe.

Style inspiration comes from the fashion world, daily life, popular culture, and art in all forms. Movies fall into the latter, and while it's been 87 years since the first motion picture with sound, an innumerable amount of movies—good and bad—have come out in that time. 

So how did we decide which would make the cut? Cinephiles we may be, but it's impossible for us to have seen everything. So we decided to curate the list on our own terms; keeping it focused on more contemporary color pictures that continue to influence style today, and placing precedent on archetypes, transnational symbols, and films often overlooked by less capable list writers.

As objectively as we could, here is the list of The 25 Most Stylish Movies of All Time, ranked based on their cultural influence and the general aesthetics that help them transcend style as we know it.

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