Tim Blanks is a very important fashion journalist. Tommy Ton is today's biggest street style photographer. Together, they contribute to Style.com and today, they have a lot to say (and show) about Kanye West's "surprise" concert in Paris. Blanks isn't shy about his favorable opinion on the show—he starts the piece off with this statement: "Kanye West insisted that he gets a bigger kick out of his bad reviews than his good ones. In which case, he should look away now..."

However, there are many criticisms in the piece (accompanied by Ton's photos of Kanye in his new favorite accessory) which include Blanks' doubts about the rapper's show being spontaneous and even mentions his thoughts on Yeezy's work in fashion: "West's foray into fashion was always colored for me by the thought that it might distract him from making music (and if he had designed clothes as well as he does that, it probably would have)."

Blanks even takes shots at Kim Kardashian. He heard Kanye say something that may have alluded to designers not lending his girlfriend clothes, and Blanks notes, "You'd imagine she might have enough money to buy them by this point. I'll never quite grasp why the people who can most afford everything seem to be the ones who most want stuff for free."

It's quite the opinion piece. What do you think of Tim Blanks' thoughts? Go to Style.com to see the rest of Tommy Ton's images and read Blanks' review in full.

[via style.com]

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