Issey Miyake is widely considered to be the most internationally famous Japanese designer. Time magazine wrote that "In his three decades of design, Mikaye has worked at the intersection of art and fashion, nature and technology, innovation and tradition, and notably, East and West." His clothes incorporated all these concepts to become more than just structured cloth. 

Miyake's mastery of fabric and fabric-production is what allowed him to create such complicated looking garments with ease. He incorporated workwear fabrics into his luxe creations, resulting in textures and layering that no one else could come close to. He was also famous for being one of the first designers to push the progression of his clothing using technology. In the '80s, he focused on pleating to maximize the possible movement of his clothing and revolutionizing manufacturing techniques.

Miyake officially retired in 2000, but has continued working on the A-POC project, which seeks to create garments out of a single piece of cloth. Kenzo Takada, Miyake's contemporary, summed up the designer's hugely influential career when he said that "Issey changed the concept of clothing. He has a Japanese side to him, but it's very modern, very simple, more futuristic." 

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